January 13 - 15, 2019
New York City


Join Cisco at NRF 2019 and experience a day in the life of a shopper in The Game of Retail, a fully functional retail store where your journey starts at home and ends in the store environment using the latest mobile and digital technologies and bringing to life the retail moments that matter most. Complete with self-check-out, attraction wall, Grab and Go, come learn how you can digitize retail now in Cisco booth 2254.


Cisco retail subject matter experts will be available onsite at NRF 2019 for meetings and booth tours. We will have multiple meeting rooms and various options to discover and learn how you can Go Beyond the Known and leverage untapped data and optimize the retail moments that matter most. 
Contact your Cisco representative now to book your meeting and/or booth tour.


Self-Healing Dynamic Store Map 

Allow real-time updates between associates and customers as associates move items on the floor so customers can be alerted through their mobile app. Powered by Store Advise (formerly SatoGlobal) & Cisco’s CMX SDK, AppDynamics, Tetration.

Future of Endless Aisle Begins With Augmented Reality

Shoppers using the retail app have the ability to see products through the app as they experience in-store AR. Powered by Gimme 360 & Cisco’s CMX SDK, AppDynamics, Tetration.

Digital Signage + AR = Dynamic Digital Signage 

Bright lights, powerful displays and augmented reality. Come experience an immersive digital signage wonderland as you navigate your way through our store. See digital screens above product shelves update to related content for that specific product. Powered by Gimme 360 & Cisco Vision, AppDynamics, Tetration.

Mobile Self-Checkout – Scan and Go

Are you the type of shopper that prefers the convenience of self-checkout? Take that experience to the next level by making it mobile. Remove the friction when shopping our store environment by scanning products for purchase, paying and walking out in a breeze all from a mobile device – even when additional items are purchased. Powered by Apple and Mishipay & Cisco’s CMX, AppDynamics, Tetration. 

Loss Prevention – Cloud Managed IP Cameras

Reduce shrink, secure the store and improve the safety of your customers and associates. Check out Meraki’s cloud-managed IP cameras with on-board video storage and customizable dashboards. Why not simplify your Loss Prevention platform, get access to new features as they are developed and have a video surveillance network that just works? Powered by Cisco Meraki. 

Increasing Value for Mobile Apps and WiFi

Consumers shopping with a retail application can use visual search (take a photo of an empty package to find the item) and sort their shopping list by previously purchased items and first time purchases. Associates can use this information to start pulling known items in time for the shopper’s arrival. For consumers not using a mobile application, they can have similar experiences once they are logged into the guest WiFi – even from the parking lot. Powered by Asynchrony, Local Measure, Tulip & Cisco’s AppDynamics, Tetration, CMX Engage. 

Location Based Services – Shopper and Associate Wayfinding with Purpose 

Location. Location. Location. Understanding the location of a shopper or associate within the store environment can provide a number of benefits. Guide your customers to products or optimize associate tasks by knowing where the customers are to deliver and/or find the right products. Also, target ands and content based on 3rd party information such as weather to provide contextual experiences in-store. Powered by Asynchrony and Store Advise (formerly SatoGlobal) & Cisco’s Meraki, CMX stack (CMX, CMX SDK, CMX Engage), AppDynamics, Tetration.

Associate Clienteling and Digital Operations (Extended Inventory)

Empower your store associates with simple-to-use mobile applications to lookup products, see pickup orders, order online, manage customer information, view inventory at other stores, checkout shoppers, and communicate with clients. Additionally, leverage virtual customer support teams as consumers shop in-store. Turn your sales associates into brand experts to elevate the shopping experience, increase sales and improve customer service. Powered by Helpshift, Asychrony, Local Measure, Tulip & Cisco’s WebEx Teams, AppDynamics, Tetration. 

Insights and IT-Driven Business Outcomes: Behind-The-Scenes in Mission Control 

From shopper analytics to real-time inventory insight to device management to edge computing – there are key foundational components that need to be in place to securely and optimally provide the desired experiences for both consumers and associates. See how different technologies need to be implemented, managed and operated in order to provide the right retail experience; and see how data is captured at every edge to provide meaningful analytics and insight. Powered by Intel, Situation Manager, Store Advise (formerly SatoGlobal) & Cisco’s DNA Center, Meraki stack (Meraki SM, Meraki Video), Umbrella, CMX, DNA Spaces, AppDynamics, Tetration, Kinetic, Deep Fusion. 


Don’t miss the lineup of Cisco executives and subject matter experts speaking at NRF 2019.

Monday, January 14

Time: 10:15 – 10:45 am

Gaining Visibility Into the Retail Moments That Matter Most

Speaker: Susie Wee, VP and Chief Technology Officer, Cisco DevNet

Insights become more meaningful when retailers have visibility into both their physical and digital retail experiences. Moments that matter the most to shoppers can take place in the brick and mortar space, digitally online or even behind-the-scenes. Having a more holistic view of a shopper’s journey across all channels as they move seamlessly between them is enabling retailers to make the right business decisions at the right time. Coupled with bringing all the data points with AI/ML, the future will bring even greater outcomes.

Time: 1:30 – 2:00 pm

Supporting the Growth of Brick-and-Mortar Retail with Cisco Meraki

Speaker: Imran Idrees, Senior Marketing Manager, Global SP & Enterprise, Cisco Meraki

Yes, you did read that correctly. Innovative stores that seamlessly deliver an outstanding shopping experience are on the rise. Despite the perceived doom and gloom of brick-and-mortar retail, according to the National Retail Federation, for each retailer closing a store, 2.7 are opening new stores.


New digital technologies, from mobile applications to cloud-based solutions, are playing a leading role in the transformation of the traditional brick-and-mortar store. During this session you’ll learn about how Meraki technology is allowing retailers to quickly lay a robust IT infrastructure foundation to support innovative shopping experiences as well as deliver significant operational savings.


Susie Wee

VP and Chief Technology Officer, Cisco DevNet

Imran Idrees

Global Portfolio Marketing Manager | Cisco Meraki



Jacob K. Javits Convention Center


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